Who Is Denis Mackenzie

Denis Makenzie Winery Owner

Anyone with a passion for wine and for getting to know vineyards both locally and internationally may have heard of an up and coming star in the winery business, Denis Makenzie – but who is the man behind all the hype? Let’s take a look.

About the marketing entrepreneur and winery owner

Hailing from a small town in Pennsylvania, a young Denis Makenzie was raised with strong family values and a passion for travel. Working in marketing straight out of college, he quickly developed an interest in wine making and decided to work toward owning a winery of his own.

Frequenting the wine capitols of the world as part of his international marketing role, he made sure to learn both the French and Italian languages, to better connect with those whom he would be working with in the future.

Fast forward to 2001, and Denis’ dream became a reality when a run-down vineyard became available near his hometown, in the wine growing region of Lake Erie. With a lot of effort and a great deal of expertise, he was able to turn the winery into a profitable venture within the first few years of trading.

What does his winery have to offer?

Of course, the winery traditionally offers independently developed wines, as well as a range of wines and spirits to appeal to every customer – but that’s not all you will find if you make a purchase or sign up for a tour.

The stunning grounds offer a unique vista and as a result, the venue can be hired for weddings and special occasions – and Denis often hosts both local and national wine tours, charitable events (including sip-and-paint parties) and the location is even part of the wider event group of the region, where self-guided tours take place across a number of wineries.

Is there a future for Denis Makenzie in the wider niche?

The answer would have to be yes, as it is clear that this entrepreneur is ready to take on more challenges to further cement his place in the industry. Already reaching across Europe in terms of distribution and creating strong ties for the vineyard on a local and national level, there is talk of expanding the business further afield to Australia. With the possibility of growing a new species of grape to further expand broaden the success of the produce, Denis personally invites those interested to ‘watch this space’.