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Denis Mackenzie on wineGetting To Know Denis Makenzie

Who is Denis Makenzie?

Chief Operations Officer (COO) of an international marketing firm distributing wines, this entrepreneur not only works to bring connoisseurs everywhere nothing but the best wines available from around the world, but he also owns and operates his very own winery, situated in the highly sought-after region of Lake Erie near his hometown in Pennsylvania.

And it’s from this location that Denis Mackenzie has dedicated years of his life to identifying the key ingredients that go into his recipes – acting to create some of the most instantly recognizable tastes and scents imaginable. With years of experience under his belt, a host of knowledge and his own exclusive list of special ingredients; no two of his wines are the same and each boasts its own appeal to suit a variety of occasions.

What can you expect from his winery?

First and foremost, you can expect to be able to enjoy some of the finest wines and spirits from around the world, as well as high quality independently produced wines. Local and national tours are available to enjoy the fruits of their labour, as well as offering the opportunity to savour the stunning vistas available, too.

The grounds can be booked for weddings and special occasions, and there are a range of organized charitable events for both local and national patrons to take part in. The site is part of a wider association of wineries in the Lake Erie area too, and the community offers self-guided tours across the region.

Are there any future prospects for the winery?

As with any business the prospects are inevitably there, but it will take the specialist expertise and hard work of Denis Mackenzie himself to continue to realize the winery’s full potential. He is currently in talks with a variety of distributors and retailers to maximize the reach of his current selection of wine products. As his wine business is already enjoying national success, as well as international success on a European scale, Denis is now planning to expand further – and into the Australian market.

With talk of introducing a new species of grape into the vineyard to further compliment his current selection, Denis and his enterprise look set to create a brand-new product within the next few years to provide visitors and clients alike even more for their money.

When it comes to wine, Denis Makenzie certainly knows as much as the best of them and in many cases, has been able to demonstrate his capabilities to create unique, compellingly appealing wine flavours to appeal to a wide variety of consumers.

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